Land Art in Pordenone

Humus Park – Second edition

After the success of the first edition of Humus Park, which took place in the Parco del Seminario with some thirty artists coming from all over the world, the project has moved to another urban area – the Parco del Castello in Torre. In this place, history, archaeology and nature create a surprising mosaic of traces and routes, ready for the contamination with art.

Naturalistic Land Art is an artistic expression which is both contemporary and ancient. It consists of some works of art made exclusively with the natural materials found on location. The aim is to affirm a new relationship between Human and Nature, based on respect, dialogue and relationship instead of prevarication.

The artist gets inspired by the place, creates with the help of the materials he borrows from there, then lets Nature continue the work by taking it back.

The audience witnesses the relentless and fascinating cycle of life and death, through the observation of the artists while they work, the completed works and their natural decay. Moreover, the artists renounce to the ownership of their work, abandoning the ideas of commerce and art galleries.

Humus Park is the place for meetings and relationships.

The local artists get to meet the international ones, art communicates with nature, citizens re-discover their own city, visitors discover another side of Pordenone: an economically lively city which cares for the environment and is aware of its natural heritage as well. In fact, in the last ranking of cities with enjoyable green surface per inhabitant made by Legambiente (an Italian environmental organization), Pordenone placed fifth. The message we want to give is about respect and attention for the environment and it is reflected by the research made by some important companies of the area such as Valcucine and Electrolux.

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