The Park and the Castle

Archaeological Museum of Torre, Pordenone: Castle, Bastia and Park

The Park is located on the banks of the Noncello river, which springs a few hundred meters North, and is dominated by the old Castle of Torre (also Archaeological Museum). Recently, the area  has  been subject of a preservative restoration. Now, it is able to show children and grown ups all of its peculiarities: the spring-waters and the water-plants, the remains of an important ancient Roman settlings, the imposing medieval castle, the Archaeological Museum, the buildings of relevance for industrial archaeology.

In this big and fascinating fresco of past and present times, where several interests and curiosities meet, the artists will find the inspiration to express their creativity.

The Castello di Torre, the Ragogna Counts’ centuries-old manor-house and residence of the last Count, Giuseppe, seems to defend and protect the area. As the location of the Archaeological Museum, the Castle preserves the oldest memories of our territory and gives voice to the most ancient human traces.

In the Bastia, a historical building annexed to the castle, some important services can be found: the offices, the Museum’s didactic room, the conference room, the District Library end a restaurant that includes a digital television station.

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